Monday, November 30, 2009

jeff + bobbie = h, j, a, b & l

i LOVE this family. and i respect this couple SO much. so of course i was excited to take their first family photos in many years... and their first as a "new" family. in may of this year they were blessed with the adoption of lili-kate from china! isn't she beautiful? she just fits right in with this family- they are ALL beautiful (not to mention their hearts just overflow with the love of God).

a typical day in their house, i'm sure (minus the matching clothes and natural scenery!)

we lovingly refer to bobbie as "super mom barbie" (she's gonna hate me for writing that! hehe) but it's true- she juggles being an amazing wife, mothering 5 kids, keeping her house clean, and going to nursing school. all while looking like a super model ;)

we let the little girls play in the leaves and they had a blast! i love the joy on both lili and bella's faces in the last pic!

one of my favorites from the day! haley, lili, anna, bella, & jj

can't you just feel their love? it's true and genuine!

did i mention they are beautiful? oh wait, i did? sorry, can't help it! :)

this just makes my heart go all mushy! as a church body we walked with them for about a year of their journey to adopt lili. and what a blessing she is not only to their family but to our church as well. it's heartwarming to see her love on her daddy, play with the other kids, and dance around during worship.

if you want to read some statistics about adoption and the church, read here. if you want to read about the journey to adopt lili, read here.

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Nancy said...

What a beautiful family!
Simply beautiful pictures, Erica!!