Thursday, October 29, 2015

What in the world should I wear for family pictures???

I would have to say that the most common question I get after booking a session is:

"Do you have any suggestions or tips on what to wear?"

I always feel like that really is a complicated question, but I try to answer it the best I can.  I know that this is in the top 3 most stressful parts of taking family pictures for most people (along with worrying about how your kids will behave and stressing if there will be a shot you like in the bunch).  After thinking about it for a little bit, I decided to write a blog post to go into a little more detail, and include with it some picture examples so you can visualize.

*I do feel like I need to say that I am not a fashion/color expert.  I am just a photographer who loves color & patterns that has found through the years what photographs best, in my opinion.  Also, these are in no way any sort of set in stone "rules," because honestly it brings me joy when I see families breaking the "rules" and just being themselves!*

1) Be you.  Don't try to hard to be the "perfect Pinterest fashion family" if that is not you.  If that IS you, then fashion yourselves out... but also, if that IS you, you probably aren't needing my help.  If being you means dressing up in incredibly fancy clothes and heading out into the middle of the desert, then be you.
If being you is jeans and comfy tops, then be you.

2)  Take into account where you are.  If you are going to be somewhere with a busy background, make sure your clothes aren't so busy.  If you will be somewhere with a more simple or mono-tone background, bring on the patterns!

3) Speaking of patterns... There are times when patterns are OK to mix, and honestly there are times when they are not.  Take plaid for instance.  I love plaid.  I have 3 sons... we use plaid a lot.  If the plaids all have the same colors in them, feel free to mix different types of plaids (on different people...not that same person please. ha!) but balance it with solids.  

I am also a big fan of stripes, and they work with almost anything... plaids, polka dots, printed fabric, etc.

If you are wanting to wear a fabric with any sort of print on it (birds, flowers, feathers, etc), depending on the amount of colors in it, I always recommend using it on one person (or maybe a 1:3 ratio, the more people in the picture, the more prints you can add).  You don't want to be overwhelmed when you look at the picture.

4) I, personally, do not like everything to be matchy-matchy (for example: everyone wear blue jeans and a white t-shirt).  Not only does that come across very bland in a photo, but it also doesn't showcase each individual's personality.  One exception to this rule would be when you have three beautiful young daughters.  Sometimes you have to put them all in the same pretty dress because... well.. it's precious!

5) COLOR.  The biggest question everyone has is "how do I pick out my color scheme?"  Here are a couple questions I have for you to think about when picking out your outfits:

a) What is the color scheme in your house?  When you hang prints on the walls, will it bother you if the outfits in the photos do not match your decor?  If you think it would, then I would start looking towards the color schemes of the rooms that you plan on hanging your pictures in.

b) Do you like color or are you more of a neutral kind of family?  If you like color, pick 1-3 colors that you think go well, and then a neutral to tie everything together.  Some neutrals that work great with brighter colors: gray, black, brown, and navy/denim.  

If you are a more neutral person, I encourage you to pick shades of the same color, so that the photo can still be pretty monochromatic without being bland (like grays & black look fantastic together.  As do cream, tan, & brown).  You can even do this with color (as opposed to neutrals) but it will still look more on the neutral side if it's different shades of the same color.

If you are in the middle of the fence, pick a neutral color scheme and then maybe one color to break it up.  It doesn't have to be a lot... a tie on dad, scarf on mom, headband on baby girl, etc.  Just something to add a little POP.

So how do I, personally, pick out outfits for my kids?
Well, honestly, I'm kind of an OCD person that starts looking months before the shoot for something to catch my eye... I love color and patterns, but I want them all the blend together.  Most of the time I will find a shirt I really like for one of my boys that is either plaid or striped, and then take the colors that are in that one shirt and start to put together everyone else's outfits from that inspiration.  That being said, I haven't even thought about what we are wearing for our pictures this year... I should get on that...  but I will show you our family pictures from the last few years so you can kind of see how I, personally, do it.
2011- I found plaid shirts for my 3 boys in similar color schemes... and then kind of went crazy.  I would say this was a "break all the rules" year, but these are also some of my most favorite picture outfits!
 2012- I tried to go with colors that I don't normally gravitate towards (burnt orange, cream, etc) and honestly, although I think they all look great together, these are not my favorite because I don't love the colors.
 2013- I reverted back to my favorite (turquoise) and easy colors like black and gray.  I loved this one because I was able to use different colored pants to add to the color scheme.
 2014- To be honest, I found that adorable wine colored leather jacket for my daughter and had to get it, and based my entire picture scheme off of that.  I then found my youngest son's plaid shirt that had the same wine color and was able to bring in the other colors to go with it.  This is another favorite of mine!  And if you haven't been able to tell by now, I am a BIG fan of mixing plaid and stripes ;)
 The previous 4 photos are courtesy of Elaine Dieball Photography, edited by myself :)

Real quick, before I wrap up, I want to say that you do not have to put a ton of thought for outfits, if you're in a time crunch.  This past summer all of my siblings and their spouses were in town (one set from San Diego and one from Germany) and we decided we should set up a tripod and take some group shots.  We had to work with a group of 14 people, 6 of them having to use what was in their suitcases.  So I said "look for black, grays, blues, and then pops of coral."  We were able to do it, and it looked great!  So honestly, don't stress!

More than anything, I want to end with what I started with... the most important thing is that you be you.  That's the most beautiful part of family photos- capturing who you are... together!

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review

What an amazing, busy, and blessed year 2013 has been for Erica Stephens Photography!  I think it has been my busiest year yet, and I am so thankful for it.  So many amazing people have come into my life through these photo shoots and weddings, and I am humbled to think that God allows me to give a precious gift of memories to families, and in return He blesses me with people who enrich my life!  Although I'm starting 2014 off on maternity leave (exciting!!), I've already booked weddings and sessions starting in the Spring.  Can't wait to see where this year takes us! 

I thought it would be fun to share my personal favorite photo from each session I've done this year.  Enjoy, and Happy New Year!
blog 01
blog 02
blog 03
blog 04
blog 05
blog 06
blog 07
blog 08
blog 09
blog 10
blog 11
blog 12
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

One sweet family + a couple crazy dogs {Quartz Hill, Ca Family Photographer}

Here is another session that was a Christmas surprise, so I've had to hold on to it and can finally share it now that the gifts were given.  This session was so much fun and pretty much hilarious.  I've photographed Gewl and her family a couple times (here and here) but this time was a little different because we brought in their whole family... as a surprise for her mother-in-law.  The catch?  We did the session in her mother-in-law's backyard.  The other catch?  Our session start time was only about 30 minutes before her MIL got home from work.  We rocked our fast time slot and even with two crazy dogs joining us we managed to get some cute shots of the brothers & family for their mom.
1119_blog 01
1119_blog 02
I pretty much had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard at this next picture!
1119_blog 03
1119_blog 04
And then of course we got a couple of beautiful Brooklyn. She was in her "serious model" mode that day, but she still is just as photogenic as ever!
1119_blog 05

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The "P" Family {Antelope Valley, Ca Family Photographer}

I took these photos back on November 1st, but have been waiting to share them on the blog because several of these pictures were Christmas presents and I didn't want to ruin anyone's surprise :)

This family was a joy for me to photograph.  When they all got out of the car and I saw that there were 3 sons, I was so excited!  Of course, I can relate!  These boys were such a pleasure to photograph- they were pleasant, well behaved, and just loved the camera.  It was very sweet and I am just thrilled with how their session turned out.  Enjoy!

1101_blog 01
1101_blog 02
1101_blog 03
1101_blog 04
1101_blog 05
1101_blog 06
1101_blog 07
1101_blog 08

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from my family to yours!  Enjoy your time with your family and don't let yourself forget the real reason of the season!
christmas card 02

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The "D" Family {Lancaster, Ca Family Photographer}

This session is a little different than the others I've posted, because I will only be sharing just a few pictures with you.  I am so blessed to have fellow photographers who are also my friends.  Elaine and I were friends in high school and then found each other again in the wonderful world of social media (it was either Myspace or Facebook... I can't quite remember).  When I moved back to the AV we would hang out occasionally, and our families have kind of been copying each other (she had her third son this summer).  Anyways, this is the 3rd year that we have switched sessions with each other- we take each other's family pictures and then edit our own.  It's such a blessing!  You can see last year's session here (I can't seem to be able to find the year before).  You can also check out Elaine's beautiful work here.  I just wanted to share with all of you 4 of my favorites from our session! :)
1117_blog 01
1117_blog 02
1117_blog 03
And the best... ever...
1117_blog 04

Friday, December 20, 2013

A Dressy Desert Photoshoot {Palmdale, Ca Family Photographer}

Over 3 years ago I met Jenny when she contacted me about doing their family pictures.  She was a friend of a friend who found me during a FB contest (I believe) that I put on after I moved back here to the AV from Alabama.  I couldn't contain my excitement when she said she wanted to take their couch out by the windmills and do a session there... so we did!  Last year we wanted to do something different, so we did a baseball themed session to go with their Dodger baseball loft.  I also photographed Jenny's amazing 30th birthday party (that I can't seem to find the blog post for...) and Jenny helped me decorate and man my booth at the Bridal Expo earlier this year.  So as you can probably guess, I'm a fan of this family... especially because they are just so real, down to earth, creative, and fun!  This year Jenny wanted to do something different, but everything she thought of fell through.  So then she had a brilliant idea, and we had it all set up to go.  And then it rained.  It never rains here.  So we had to reschedule.  I told Jenny that I've only had to reschedule due to weather just a handful of times in 3 years and that each other those sessions turned out exceptionally awesome, so I wasn't expecting anything less for hers.  They ended up being my last session before maternity leave, and I can confidently say that we went out with a bang!  See for yourself :)
1127_blog 01
1127_blog 02
1127_blog 03
The next picture was Bryce's idea... He wanted to give his jacket to his sister! And the thing is, that is so them! They have THE most adorable brother/sister relationship that just melts your heart!
1127_blog 04
And... well... the Joshua tree fell over right after we took this photo....
1127_blog 05
Cutest couple award??
1127_blog 06
1127_blog 07
1127_blog 08
1127_blog 09
1127_blog 10